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Róisín's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]

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Ain't that a kick in the head [Dec 05 2006 / 8:10pm]
[ mood | annoyed with various things ]

It's cold and I'm cold and I want this week to be over. Scratch that, I want this semester to be over. I can't stand all this nonsense. Ridiculous English and Linguistics class. What good are they!? NO GOOD. I just hope I did well on my English essay...or else I FAIL. And thus NO UCLA FOR ME.

I'm sure I had something of more importance to say. But then again, there really isn't anything important about ANYTHING right now and I'm just hoping a meteor might fall from the sky and land in my backyard that happened to contain aliens from some distant galaxy...or something.

Let's all have a tea party.


This revolver... [Oct 09 2006 / 5:26pm]
[ mood | calm ]

Oh Brian Eno you've never sounded so wonderful. You're just what I need.


ITALIA ITALIA [Jul 09 2006 / 10:48pm]
[ mood | there are no words ]

The greatest feeling, is running down London streets screaming "Italia!" to all the cars that honk as you pass by, and then getting chased down my an angry Frenchman. This trip could not get any better.


naturally [Sep 18 2004 / 10:04pm]

Una volta, c'era una ragazza chi era di un'altra galassia. Lei era dimenticato di questo mondo problematico quando lei era piccola. Ma, lei venito a patti con la pazzia e la miseria. Perche lo sa, sara mai può ritornare alla pianeta di lei.

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